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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Another week off

I took this week off too! Neal is on vacation and well...there went my normal scheduled program! We didn't go anywhere for his vacation...just stayed up late each night watching movies, sleeping in just a little and that's pretty much about it. It was nice having him home but I'm ready for him to go to work. I'm ready to get my normal schedule back! haha The kids played all week at the house and they didn't complain. They did ask every day what they were going to be doing. It seems they yearned for a schedule and they noticed that I didn't write anything down on the schedule calendar. But I must do that sometime today.

We did go some where Wednesday. Neal had a doctors appointment in the town where we used to live so we hung out while he saw the doctor. Then we went to his parents house. The kids and I took a dip in the pool which was nice. The kids had fun. Then we headed home. The rest of the week Neal had appointments with this contractor and that contractor and just looking at the houses that are for sale in our neighborhood. There is one FEMA rule that is bugging us about the house that we put a contract on. We want to renovate it but the new laws/regulations FEMA has out makes it hard for ANY homeowner with waterfront property to do so. We're working it out and seeing what we can do to eventually make this 'our home'. I'll have more info when I get more this too I shall stay tuned.

Colton has been sporting a fever the past day and a half. He has no runny nose, goopy eyes, hurt ears, sore throat...just having stomach pains here and there (don't want to relive one of our outings this week in the truck...needlesstosay, it was cut short by the spitting grape juice monster...YUCK!). I thought maybe he's teething again because he has been drooling a little. But not sure if he throat really hurts or not...ya know? So I may take him in tomorrow to see the doc's. Keeping my fingers crossed though he kicks whatever this is by then.

Tomorrow Morgan has Writing Camp at school for the next 2 weeks. Only 3 hours each day and Friday's off. Gotta start going to bed a little earlier and setting my alarm clock again. heehee It'll be a nice 3 hours though for her and it also gives me some alone time with the other 2. I can't wait to hear all about 'writing camp'. She loves to read and write stories.

Well, today I want to do something on the water, whether it be boating or beach. But Colton isn't up to it. So, I guess the next best water activity I'll be doing today is loading the washing machine. There's plenty to do...grrr!

1 comment:

**** April **** said...

I'm playing blog what rule does FEMA have that is making things hard for ya'll?

I sure hope little man was/is okay. :( I know how it is when they're not feeling good. Makes life hell for everyone else. :)

How'd her writing camp go? When do they start back to school? Josh/Drew have meet the teacher on 8/16 and they start 8/17.

I can't imagine Andy taking any time off just to be here at home with us...b/c he wouldn't help around the house... best he stay at work! LOL

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