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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Let me paint the scene for you...I'm getting ready to go outside after I put Colt down for a nap to spray the yard to kill the bugs outside and the girls come to me to see if they can paint. I said 'okay, go ahead'. So I got paper out for them, paint and a bowl of water. I layed out a table cover and they went to town. They said they were going to paint something for me. Okay I thought. They're good about not making a mess when it comes to paint, maybe b/c I've been anal their entire life when it comes to paint, playdoh and glue! Anyways...I'm's hot...I can't see them thru the windows b/c all I can see is darkness b/c of how bright it is. Anyways...I come on in and I call for them to see what they are doing. Morgan says, "mommy, we have something to show you. You probably are going to get mad and not like it." Okay...what could it be? picture yourself sitting on the couch and out from around the corner jump two girls looking like this...

All I did was shout "OH MY GOSH!" and couldn't stop laughing!! It was funny b/c they were jumping up and down dancing and saying something that I couldn't understand! I laughed so hard I was crying! I had a good laugh. Then I asked why they did this and Morgan said, "because we wanted to look like the Avatars". LOL I knew they shouldn't have watched that movie with us!

And surprising enough...there wasn't much of a mess at all! So, no more painting for them for a while! LOL I did get a picture painted for me but this one is a keeper!


janet said...

OH YES!!! I LOVE THESE PICTURES!! Love that they wanted to look like Avatar! Good job! Great pictures...thanks for the laugh when I needed it!

Sandy said...

OMG....How adorable is that!!!!You definitely have to scrap this moment!

pleasurearts said...

so super cute, they did a great job! lol

pleasurearts said...

so super adorable, they did a great job! lol

**** April **** said...

the chick on Willie Wonka that turned into a blueberry.


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