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Monday, July 5, 2010

A Week Off

Well, I took a week off it seems from blogging. So much going on and just not really in the mood to blog. Let's start off from last weekend...

can you believe that I don't really remember what happened? Is this a case of C.R.S (can't remember s@#t)? LOL I'm not sure!

OH it's coming back to me (better start taking some gingko biloba to boost that 'old' memory of mine!)

Saturday (the last one in June) I had to take our truck in because I noticed that there was hot air coming out AGAIN. We just got it done a month ago and spent a pretty penny. We just had them put in more fre-on to get us thru the weekend and then we'd have to bring it in Monday (scheduled) to get a broken part. Grrr! Then that evening it was date night. That was fun spent with some good friends and the kids had fun with the babysitter that night.

Sunday we met with a contractor to get info on getting some additions to a house that we are looking into purchasing. Just wanted to see our options and know what our money will get us and how far.

Monday the kids had a dentist appointment. Very pleased with the dentist we saw. In fact, I remember him when he was a student in dental school when I worked at the dental school many years ago. I didn't want them knowing that I knew about pediatric dentistry going into the appointment. Kinda like I was mystery shopping. LOL The kids did great, no cavities and even Colton was a big boy and had them polish his teeth with the polisher. I WAS FLOORED! The boy hates when I have to brush his teeth and it's a battle at night to do them. We have to do the usual...assume the position on the floor, him laying on his back with his arms resting under my legs with him laying between my legs so that I can hold him down and see what's in his mouth. It sounds traumatizing but it's really not. You gotta do what you gotta do. There is some yelling going on but that helps me get into his mouth and brush! Then when he is done he always gets up and says "me" and wants to brush. So he does and then I get a kiss. See...he acts like he's hurt but he's not...what a Drama King! cavities and the dentist ending up finding out that he was a student in my clinic back in the day and we reminisced. So long ago, but it doesn't seem like it. I miss that time. Oh...and I purchased 'Mavala Stop' for Sydney to help with her thumbsucking. She just applies this to her thumbs to help remind her to stop sucking her thumb and also will help with nail growth. Well, she did say that she wanted her nails to grow long and she was very excited to start this venture and stop sucking her thumb. We are going on a week and she hasn't sucked her thumb since that day she went to the dentist. She tried 6 or so times that day after applying it and she said it tastes horrible. Even after you washing her hands many times the taste was still there and the taste IS nasty (I tried a little...YUCK!) She has to do this for 30 days and then she's thumbsuck-free!

Then after the dentist I took the kids to a fun park. One they haven't been to. They had fun and then it was back to normal scheduling.

We ended up taking the truck back in Monday to get a piece fixed for the compressor fan and also get a hose fixed. They kept it over fact, I got it back Tuesday evening. So Tuesday we spent indoors. Did lots of laundry (but guess what...there is more to do now!)

Wednesday Neal took a personal day to meet with five more contractors so that I wouldn't have to deal with the kids AND the contractors. THANK YOU! It's not that it can't be done, it just would not be productive b/c then I wouldn't be able to concentrate on what they were saying. So we did our normal stuff around the house, BORING!

Thursday the kids and I headed out to Orlando to visit with Mema and Pappap. We spent some time in the pool too. That was fun. The kids loved it. Sydney got to open her birthday present early and she was VERY excited. She got some sundresses, a gift certificate to one of her favorite stores and her MOST FAVE gift...a Dora Comforter. This little girl of mine just loves Dora the Explorer...still! I won't complain though...makes her still a little girl...and I don't want her to grow up any time soon. Here are some pictures I got from our visit.

I love when Morgan reads for Sydney. But Sydney is now reading and it won't belong before she will be reading for her brother.
And here is Sydney with her Pappap.

We didn't stay that long at my parents. We left the next day but the kids got to swim one more time.

Saturday I went the grocery store and that was all. It was a rainy day. We did get to see some fireworks from our window in the back of the house looking at the canal. Some people decided to do fireworks and it was a nice site to see.

Sunday was Independence Day AND Sydney's 6th birthday. Didn't feel like ID4. Didn't feel like Sydney's birthday either. Just wasn't into celebrating this year. We usually go see fireworks with some family and the kids play in the park. Not this year. 80% chance of rain and no sun in site. YUCK! We had some friends come over to have dinner with us. Still didn't feel like ID4. Sydney opened her present in the morning that we got her...a DSi, a game to go with it and a little purse to hold it all in. She loved it. Her and her sister were playing most of the day with it. It's so neat what they can do with the thing. Take pictures and distort them, record things and have the voices distorted too. They can even chat back in forth to each other on it. The features on it are cool. And then of course they can have games. I'm more of the mom that wants them to have educational games and not just games to play.

Anyways...I made Sydney's birthday dessert that she requested...'Dora' Brownies. I just made some regular brownies and bought some of those icing decore shaped Dora the Explorer's to top the brownies with. The brownies were yum. Had to add a candle to it too!

The birthday girl!

Mr. Steve and Mr. Johnnie with the girls
And now today is Monday. Another rainy day. BOOO! Neal is on vacation but we aren't going anywhere. What are the plans for today? I need to go make my weekly calendar for them! OOPS!

1 comment:

**** April **** said...

It's good to take time off... unless, of course, you FORGET what happened! Bwa ha ha ha. Now you know why I blog! If I don't, my LIFE would be a terminal case of CRS! :) LOVE that!

How'd the meeting with the contractor go? Is it remotely reasonable?

OOOH thumb sucking that's SO why I have the binkie. I can take that away, you can't really just sever their fingers, how can ya? LOL

Great pics (as usual) :)

Hope she had a good birthday!

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