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Thursday, March 27, 2008

My dream coming alive

I can't believe 6 weeks ago I was in labor awaiting Colton. Man time's sad actually. What used to be my little chicken-legged baby (heehee) is now my "Chunk-a-munk" or "lil'man" as I call him. He's cooing and smiling at me. And he's definately a hawk b/c he watches my every move! We love our new addition and the girls are really getting used to having a brother!

This week has been nothing but filled with piles of laundry, the usual chores, little defiant cuties (errr...Sydney), and a little creation I've been working on with the help of a scrappy friend (April...Mamadriggers). This was something she and I had talked about doing when we were on the same DT that went stale at the beginning of the year and I just didn't think it would be feasible at the moment to do it (and financially), but I got off my "ars" and said, what the heck...why not add more to my plate, right? I mean, I just had a baby, why not make another one!! NOOOO...not a real baby, an online baby...a scrap site!!

I'm still doing LOTS of research and trying to figure out just how in the heck to download some things (which it's all Greek to me), but it's coming along. We already have a message board and a blog which just opened up this past Monday and we have 10 members (plus me and April = 12). I'm excited and I hope to get an online store up by the summer...I know that the members would like that would be a perk!

This is a dream I've had and have been telling my DH, but he'd just hear it, say okay and then nothing was done about it. It was to his surprise when I told him Sunday evening what I was planning on doing and that I was following thru with it. I will say that it's a bit scary, but it's worth it. I'd rather say I gave it a try then say "I hope to one day...".

So the website is: Come and check it out. Give me suggestions or email me at We'd love for you to join our "peanut gallery".

Well, today I'm going to do the bills and then tomorrow I'm going to The Scrapbook Expo in Orlando. I sooo can't wait to fill up bags of pretty papers that say "pick me, pick me!!" heehee I'm excited!!

Anywho...that's all for now.


Jenn said...

hooray!!! i'm so happy that your doin somethin about your dreams!! i joined and now i am just waitin for approval!! I can't believe how fast time flies after babies are born!! Sophie is 4 months already! OMG! Seriously it goes by way too fast!

April Driggers said...

You know I'm so proud of ya girl! :)

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