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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This weekend was a jam-packed weekend.

Saturday Neal wasn't feeling good at all...FLU like. But we had to pick up our boat at the storage place b/c we had to clean it for his Grandmother's service on Sunday. Boy, the boat can collect so much dirt when it's not in use...yuck!! I had my work cut out for me b/c I wasn't about to let Neal clean it when he was sick...don't want him to land in the hospital w/ pneumonia or something! But first, we had a birthday party to attend to and I had to pick up some butterflies I had ordered for the service the next day.

Thank goodness Saturday ended fairly quickly...lots of driving (to the party and back) and then cleaning (the boat). The butterflies arrived safe and sound too which I was glad...I'm getting to that part.

Sunday we woke up fairly early with the baby. Got some cute photos of the girls holding him.

Got ourselves ready and waited for our friends to come over to watch Colton while we met the rest of the fam out on the river to send Grandma's ashes out to sea. The weather was beautiful (but hot). We get the boat in the water and start it up and the it wouldn't we started it at home to make sure and it worked fine there. EEK!! Some nice boater ended up giving us a jump and then we were on our way with the 2 other boats accompaning the rest of the family. We had a nice slow ride out of Crystal River out into the Gulf and found a nice spot to put Grandma and said a few things. I had ordered those butterflies b/c Grandma just loved butterflies. It was really a beautiful site. Each couple got to release their own butterfly. It's amazing how these butterflies arrived. They are shipped individually in clear envelopes and put in a box w/ ice packs. They're wings don't work unless it's 60 degrees...amazing. And the other thing is they know not to fly out into the ocean...they can sense land. AMAZING!! Some butterflies stuck around for a while, while others just flew away. It was a nice touch for the occasion and my mother-in-law got all choked up. I got all choked up reading a little poem while everyone released the butterflies. I told myself that I would never speak at a funeral service and now I know why...that was so hard.

Here is a picture of me, Neal w/ Sydney and my SIL and her DH on our boat watching a butterfly.

After the water outing we all headed back over to my MIL's house. But first we had to pick up our little guy and drop off the boat. I don't know how we managed to do all that in 40 minutes but we did!!

All in all it was a good weekend. Today, it was the normal...groceries and chores (still not done w/ laundry...ugh!) Last minute my niece calls to tell me she was taking her kids to the fair in town. I thought it didn't start till this weekend. And with it being a $1 EVERYTHING DAY today I thought, what the heck. So we went tonite and the girls had fun. Colton wasn't having fun. He just wanted to eat (even after I fed him!!) I tell ya, he's a growin' machine! ;)

Well, that's all for now. Going to head off to bed!!

1 comment:

KarenB said...

OMG how big is he getting so quickly!!! He is a doll!!! The girls look so precious holding him!!!

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