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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Okay, so I'm a sap. I caught the last bit of Celebrity Apprentice the other night while nursing Colton and Trace Adkins was singing a song...I'm not a country music fan, but I started balling at this song he sang..."You're Gonna Miss this"'s down on my playlist if you haven't heard it...go click on it! The lyrics hit me. I started thinking of my oldest daughter and how much she wants to grow up soo fast (and she's only 5!). Boohoohoo!! So, I liked the song so much I went to my playlist and linked it!

It's been an eventful couple of days. Friday my oldest got her hair's actually cute short!! She likes it, but she wishes it could be shorter!! YIKES!

Saturday I went to the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando. It wasn't all that and a bag of chips, but at least I got to get out and do something by myself for myself (with Colton in tote). He was sooo good...slept the ride there, ate, slept the 2 hours I was there and 3/4 of the way back home!!! Then when I got home, DH was out with the girls and my niece's family so we all ordered Outback and went to my niece's house for the evening. The girls played while we veged and watched American Gangsta. Do you ever rent movies and the movie like pauses in mid frame and then starts again? Do you go get a new one and complain? Well, normally we do, but we sat and watched the entire thing!! NUTS I tell ya. The movie was long to begin with (and good), can you imagine every like 2 minutes the movie stopping/pausing!! Great for bathroom breaks...heehee! The girls stayed in a room watching their movie, playing, coloring and then at one point my oldest decides to go to the bathroom and THUD!! We heard a noise but didn't think anything of it...then out comes Morgan holding her head up and blood coming down her forehead. WHAT THE HECK!? She said she was throwing away the toilet paper roll and banged her head on the corner of the counter. HELLO!!! Nice gash on her forehead to show for it!! Luckily it stopped bleeding instantly. My heart dropped when I saw her in pain. To top it off...she was loosing her voice and started coughing when we arrived at my niece's...great...a cold during Spring Break!! I know what the week after Spring Break will yield...a house full of sick-os!! ERRRR!!!

Well, after the LONG movie we finally arrived home at 1am. The kids were all sleeping!! Didn't get a chance to check out my scrap site...which has 14 members now!!! See my previous blog to check it out!!

Today we are going to the inlaws to spend time with FIL (his bday is on Tuesday). My SIL and her fam will be there. Have a great rest of the weekend.

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