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Monday, March 31, 2008

We have a monkey!

On Friday Morgan got a haircut (finally). She wanted it much shorter but her daddy and I was a little afraid of getting it cut too short. I think it looks much better on her now than it did with the longer hair.

Colton is growing!! He's such a little angel. I love looking at babies when they are sleeping so peacefully!
Today we went over to my inlaws for my DH's father's bday. My SIL and her family were there and the kids had a good visit. Morgan though woke up to a very sore throat and runny/stuffy nose and just achy!! GREAT!! At least she is on Spring Break, but still...not fun having a sicko in the house. Hopefully it's nothing bad, but the doctor will let us know tomorrow. Anyways...we go to my inlaws and she's pumped up with Motrin/Tylenol and of course she feels better, right? So much better that her cousin and her a playing frisbee outside and they get the frisbee stuck in a magnolia tree. Morgan decides to be a little monkey and climbed this

No, nothing bad happened. She just reached the top of the tree (Neal was at the bottom of the tree just in case). I swear she looked like a monkey!! Got some great shots of it. Also got a great shot of Colton smiling and trying to talk to me. Sydney wasn't in any pictures today...she was off with her other cousin playing dress up and acting! Another drama Queen!!

The weekend is finally over...back to the grind of chores, cooking, and taking care of a sick kiddo. I've been working on my scrap site and it's coming along. We have 15 members so far for the first week! You should go check it out and join we'd love to have ya!

Well, it's 2am and Colton should be waking up here shortly. Morgan just got some more meds and Sydney is wanting me to sleep with her...oh boy. Bet I'll be sick come this weekend...just watch!!


janet said...

Morning! I love the pictures of the kids. Colton is so his little smile and Morgan does look like a monkey up in that tree! Hope she feels better.

tonya said...

Hopefully you don't get sick. But it's going around. Colton is a doll! And Morgan's hair is cute, hope she feels better.

buzzkiss @

April Driggers said...

Love the pic of the hair cut. :) I think all little girls look too cute with bobs! :) it's a right of passage!

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