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Saturday, October 10, 2009

La La Land no more

Do you ever wake up quickly in the morning either b/c of your alarm, on your own, or say...because of your kids yelling coming into your room that the TV out in the family room doesn't want to work???


Well, the latter happened to me this morning. And Tallulah was all snuggled up under my neck and we were in LA LA LAND......peacefully! Grrrr!!!

Well, I felt groggy when I woke, but got over that quickly. I'm so glad that I have willing and happy dog walkers! :) It's been a slow morning but we are going to be getting into "Mommy Boot Camp" here shortly because we have people coming to look at the house and we have to high tail it to the vets office for Tallulah's first visit since we got her. Should be interesting. All 3 kids in tote, one in a stroller and one 3 lb puppy. WHY DID I SCHEDULE THIS AGAIN FOR THE WEEKEND?

OH...that's right, because Neal was supposed to be off and I was going to take a nice leisurely drive with just ME and the puppy.

SCRATCH THAT NOW!! Neal had to go into work today. :( Oh well, it'll make me stronger!

After that we will come home to relax to a clean house. Actually, I'll come home to do some laundry probably and scrapping some more cards for PARTY PERFECTION! I have finally uploaded the pix of the themed cards in my gallery seen here. They are better in person. I really thought about doing this just in the case someone would copy the ideas and there goes my friend's business, but then I got to thinking...those that have the parties could do the same thing. So...I ran with it and posted them.

Now I'm working on some 'grab and go' cards for the store. For those that are last minute planners. BRING ON THE LAST MINUTE PLANNERS!! LOL Gotta stop by the office supply store next week sometime to get some display cases for the cards and also for anything else I want to sell in the store (!) I'm really excited about doing this...just figures that we are moving. I can do this shouldn't be that bad. Just a little commute to the store every now and then. AND they have this thing called "snail mail" so I'm not too worried.

Okay...gotta start 'boot camp' with the girls here...they know what that means and it's not '10 second tidy'! hahaha

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