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Monday, October 12, 2009

bob for apples

This weekend was a good one. Nothing big went on, but Neal was home from being away all week. Saturday I had to take the puppy in for her shots and then later that evening my niece and her kids came over for dinner.

The advent calendar event for the day was to 'bob for apples' so the girls decided to wait till their cousins came home to do that with them. It was so funny!

After the girls got their apples, munched them a bit, my niece pushed her oldest in the pool (clothes and all) and it was a hayday for them! hahaha

They just love playing with their cousins.
Sunday we just had a slow start to the day. I was doing my usual chores...slowly when we get a call from our realtor! Someone was to be at our house in an hour. I QUICKLY got everything done and we were out the door in a flash.
We headed to the flea market b/c there was nothing to do in our town that day. We saw Tallulah's brother...still there waiting to be bought. Tallulah came along for the ride and she got to sniff and kiss him! Then Neal had this wild hair and wanted to purchase him. DON'T WORRY DAD...DIDN'T GET THE BOY. But he was cute! He looked like the exact dog on MEN IN BLACK!! Hahaha And his name was Pugsley. Now say that isn't cute! But Neal was adament on getting the little guy b/c he wanted to have 2 pugs. I think he put it, "what's one more little dog?" And I replied, "then why didn't we get ONE large dog?" hmmmm So I put my foot down once again and we left...WITHOUT THE DOG!!!
I don't want to double our vet bills, kennel bills, meds for the dog and such. I think we got a good ONE and I don't want to ruin the ONE that we got!
So, after there Neal went to the grocery store with my list while 2 kids and dog in the car with me waiting for him and Morgan to finish shopping. Came home and by then the showing on the house was over. Neal made us all a nice lunch AND he even cooked dinner. I think I could get used to this! LOL
Today has just been doing laundry (I swear it's never ending!) and I made me some jewelry to go into my ETSY shop! I have only listed one so far but will later today and throughout the week. I still have to finish cards for PARTY PERFECTION. Got all my papers cut...just need to put it all together. one sweet, cute little puppy looking up at me wanting to sit on my lap. Off to make the 'donuts'! LOL

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