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Thursday, October 15, 2009

A complete mess

Talk about an eye opener this morning. Got up early, did the bills (well, most of them anyways), took a nice long shower, got the girls ready for school and had time to spare before leaving. Then when it was time to go we opened the garage door and what did I see on my lawn?

The mailbox was knocked over, garbage can too and garbage spread all over our front lawn. I yelled something and then started walking to the mess. I thought, "thank God the kids weren't outside taking Tallulah out" and then "okay, what PUNK did this?" I noticed that our somewhat new sod was not even touched and then saw the post that was inside our mailbox stand was completely tore to shreads!!!

Then I thought, "some car has a boo-boo"!

I just was in shock at all the garbage that busted on the front lawn. EWWW! Then I immediately got my cell phone out and called Neal. Then all of a sudden not even a minute into our conversation a black Escalade rolled up and a young girl, around my age or younger, came running out with a piece of paper in hand and was saying "I'm sooooo sorry". WHAT? It was her? I had never seen this girl before but from what she said, this wasn't the first time she has done this and apparently her husband is going to have her head!

Just like a lot of moms out there with more than one child, heck if you have just one it happens. You get driving, the kid(s) start getting loud, they drop a toy or want you to pick something up in the back seat. Then you do or it's so loud you are distracted and WHOOPS...the wheel goes in a different direction. I'm not saying that has happened to me exactly, but my kids get pretty rowdy in the car almost deafening (Thanks Colt for blessing us with those powerful lungs!). I have yet to swipe out a mailbox or anything else for that matter. Thank goodness again that the kids weren't out there!

Anyways, she said that she was running late to get her nephew and her 3 kids in the car were loud and she went to pick something up and SMACK!! She was going to come back after dropping her kids off at school, pick up the garbage and then get a new box and can for us. YEAH RIGHT I thought. But I gave her the benefit of the doubt and kept my cool. Just glad to see that her Escalade didn't have damage (even though if it did I wasn't going to cry about it) and that the kids inside were okay.

So she left and I picked up the mess b/c the garbage was going to come and was a mess! I then went to Lowe's to get a post and thought while I was there...I'll let Neal do this b/c I better not mess with the drill and saw! Then as I was leaving guess who I saw?

LIZ...that was her name. She was coming out of an aisle with her 6month old daughter in her car carrier in the cart, her 2 year old boy on her hip and my brand spanking new garbage can and mailbox in the back of the cart!! LOL I guess she did do what she say she was going to do. We got to talking and she apologized again and then talked a little. Talk about too funny yet awkward!!

Then I went on w/ the rest of my errands for the day and when I got home I saw the can and box on our driveway....with a note. She had fixed the old mailbox and tried to see about putting it together but the post was no good and then she offered to come back to fix it. I just called her and said don't worry about it and thanks. She never answered her phone so I left a message, but wonder if I'll see her around my street again? hahahaha I know I'll see her at the school b/c her son goes there. How funny!

Talk about a weird start to the day! And you know, the funny thing about it I was taking my trash out this morning I thought "man, this can stinks! I need to just go buy a new one!" And well...wish came true. ;) (I could have just washed it but it didn't help all the holes on the bottom of it!)

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