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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weekend in review

I haven't posted in a couple of days. Recooping from the long week last week and just enjoying my fam.

Friday I took my nieces back home and made some lumpia w/ my niece's mom (I guess that would be niece too! LOL) They were yum!

Yesterday I took Morgan out with me to find something "Dora"ish for Sydney's birthday dessert she requested...brownies. WHATEVER! All she wants is brownies. I still don't know what we are doing next Sunday for her birthday. It's 4th of July. We said that we weren't going to host bday parties until they are about 10 (the girls) and 5 for Colton. They get expensive! When you add up all the expenses: the place to host it, the food and drinks, the cake, the presents, the goody's up there! We do have special meals thruout the day. If they want to eat out, then we will. They get their choice. I still haven't received Sydney's menu for the day and I'm anxious to find out what it'll be.

Anyways...on our way to Michael's yesterday we stopped first at the place where we got our Excursion's A/C fixed. WHY? Because it was blowing hot air AGAIN! Grrrrr

They couldn't get us in right then. We were asked to come back in 2 hours. So, we went out and during our ventures we got a call from Neal. He was cutting his little outting with the other two a little early b/c Sydney got sick in the car! HA HA HA HA and then EWWW!

They went back home to clean up and change and then meet us out at the A/C place again for them to do a thorough check while we decided to go grab some lunch. Came back and found out that a part needs to be ordered for the compressor fan (I think that's what he told Neal) and I will have a call next week to get it fixed. UGH! I am not shelling anymore $$ into that beast and I won't pay the place either since it was just fixed a month ago! Yes, it's under warrenty but still! And they know it too!

Anywho, yesterday was also date night. Before we left Neal got a call from a realtor we have been looking at houses with in our neighborhood and there is this one house that we like that we had placed a bid on 2 weeks ago. We had gone back and forth on counteroffers and last week they said that they couldn't go any lower. So we left it. Neal finally just said, fine, we'll do "xxxx" offer instead and we got written agreement as of yesterday. 45 days or less we may be new home owners (barring inspection). We are going to meet w/ a construction company later today to go over what we would like to do to the house and they will come out to the site some time this week to access and let us know what the financial end would be. We hope to get an addition put on the house before we move in. Structural is more important right now than cosmetic. Cosmetic will come with time. It would be nice to have it all done before we move in but because of how much the seller was willing to go doesn't give us that much room like we had anticipated. Darn the seller! hahaha

Anyways, date night was fun. We went with another couple and ate at a local seafood resturant along the river. I had my fill of shrimp and it was YUMMY! Then we went to our marina to see what was going on in the clubhouse. Not very busy there this time. We left there and decided to go to another resturant/bar to have a few drinks and sit by the river. It was HOT! There were fireworks going on in the park nearby and we forgot all about it. DUH! That would have been a good opportunity to take the kids. Oh well...there's next week. We left there b/c of the poor service...I think we saw our waitress 3 times in the 1.5 hours we were there and I had only 1 drink. Needless to say, when we tip we usually tip good...not last night!

We then went to another place downtown and we had a better time people watching and having a night cap. Bailey's and milk tasted like an iced coffee to me last night. I had to have two! hahaha YUM!

Got home and our babysitter was sleeping and all 3 kiddos were sleeping in the same room. It was precious! Thought I'd get some sleep today but got woken up by 3 hungry and happy monsters. That's okay...they weren't screaming or crying.

Gonna do some laundry before we head out a little later and then hopefully tonite we can watch a movie. Gotta make plans for the kids this week. Dentist Monday and hopefully we can still go visit Mema and PapPap at the end of the week. Just depends on the truck's A/C.

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