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Monday, August 23, 2010

Surprise...look what's at the front door!

So...when you come home from running an errand with your son, do you expect to almost step on this by your door mat at the front door?


I know I live on a canal, but the canal is in the backyard. And if this is a baby, where's Momma?

I thought it was pretty cool. It was a little fiesty when I spoke to it and Colt trying to grab it. EEEK! I ran inside, got my camera, took pictures of it and also got one on my phone before realizing that I should keep him!

Yes, I said 'keep him'. heehee

I want to make sure the girls get a good gander at this little fella before we release him tonite in our canal. But did he get here? Are there more?

And I just noticed that Mr. Snail had to get in this photo shot too or else he was slowly trying to get away! haha


janet said...

I swear, when I saw this picture I was going to mention the snail in the background!!! Great shot! He really is looking right at you. We don't get many of these on our front porch. Glad it wasn't a gator!! LOL!

Just Me said...

Now that is something to come home to. All I ever find on my front porch are opossums and raccoons. Hope your girls enjoyed that bit of nature.

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