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Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school

First day of school today. I was ahead of the game. Made their lunches the night before. My friend sent me a site about lunchbox packing and the 'green' way of doing it. (Bento boxes) Those are cool, but I had already purchased these cute lunchboxes the girls really liked and some Ziploc tupperware containers w/ separate compartments in them, so I was going to stick with that. I asked the girls what they wanted for their first day of school. Morgan said a turkey sandwich and Sydney asked for a salad. So I did that. I also make them their traditional Kissing Hand cookies from the book "The Kissing Hand". I have been doing this for 4 years now. They love this tradition. So glad that they can expect that every year! Wonder when they won't like me to do that anymore?

I even made a little note card for them the other day. I want to make more. Pretty simple. Just got a 4x3 piece of cardstock as the base. Cut a smaller piece of coordinating patterned paper to go atop the cardstock. Then cut an even smaller piece of white cardstock to go over the 2nd sheet (I had stamped an image many times on the white cardstock with colored ink, then a message stamp in the corner). Then it was a note card to be put in their box. I want to make enough to go each day of school. Even if it's a simple word stamp like "I love you" or "You make me smile". Simple cards are good. But I have to get my scrap supplies and just go to town one day.

Woke up early this morning because I think I was just as excited as the girls were. They are getting so big now. So proud of them for what they do in school and how they are just so smart. Thankful! Just hoping that the day they don't want to be seen with mom, or the preteen attitudes to ignoring their mom never occur.

I made them a big breakfast. Chocolate Chip pancakes and sausage links. The usually can eat like 2 or 3 pancakes, but today they could barely eat ONE! They were just ready to get into their new outfit. Do you remember when you got new clothes for school and you couldn't wait to wear them? Were you the kid that picked out what you were going to wear the first day or week of school? I was. And so were they! :)

Before we left I had to take pictures of the girls. Here they are at the front door.

And then I got close ups of each. So amazed how they are in 1st and 3rd grades now.

Pretty soon Colton will be following in their footsteps. Colton was ready to ship them off today. LOL I thought it would bother him that they weren't hanging around the house today since being with them all summer long. NOPE. Didn't phase him. He was a good helper today. I managed to run some errands, do some laundry, vaccuum, mop, do dishes, declutter some area of the home and do bills. He did take a nap too. He was tired from waking up early like me. But he was sooo happy to see his girls when we picked them up.

Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly. I didn't make their lunches yet, will wait to do it tomorrow. The first day was good to be true. So, I'm ready to wake up fast and the last minute to make a quick lunch for them, make a breakfast and sound like a drill sergant getting the girls out the door!

1 comment:

**** April **** said...

awwww big girls! Im not doing any lunches this month. Drew is excited to actually eat in a cafeteria and have hot food, so I wont disappoint. lol

tell me more about your Kissing Hand cookies...

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