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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Last day of summer

Last night was a good night spent with some friends. Neal made some mini burgers (sliders) and homemade french fries. Those were yummy! I did some of my famous tequila shots and we all played the game TABOO. I am now officially the 'TABOO QUEEN'. haha

Today I woke up at a good hour considering the time I went to bed and the amount I consumed from last night. Not feeling like making breakfast this morning though (mostly because the pork sausage didn't thaw like I had biscuits and gravy for us). Not sure what we will be doing (all depends on how much that tequilla shot affected Neal last night. And if you know Neal...he DOES NOT drink tequilla. Had a fight with her one night back in his early twenties! LOL It was BAD! But he drank it last night b/c he lost a bet and I found such humor in it! heehee

Sydney is still sleeping as well. I guess she stayed up late past her bedtime dressing Tallulah, the poor dog. The dog is wearing something different every time I see her it seems this weekend. I found out that if I put on a small tshirt on this dog she ends up being calm and really not wanting to move around. I think I found the cure for her hyperactivity! LOL Guess I have to go shopping for 18month shirts! haha This morning Tallulah was in my bed (along w/ all the kiddos!) and she was wearing a different shirt AND a necklace that belongs to Sydney. What a goofball!

So now, I sit here watching a DVR'd show with Morgan, Tallulah and Colton. It's 9am and I'm hungry. I want something greasy (can you tell I had been drinking?) LOL Luckily no consequence from the night before. Outside is looking so inviting. The sun is shining, some clouds out there and it's low tide right now. I want to go out in the water today since it's the last day of summer for the girls. Excited for them and sad at the same time. I have to remember to make my traditional cookies I make every year since Morgan started school (Kissing Hand Cookies) and have batteries in the camera for tomorrow!

Today is going to go by fast I think. Lots that I wanted to do with my kiddos but didn't get to. :( I'll have to save it for our fall weekends when it's less hot and maybe a breeze or two that goes by.

Gonna enjoy the day. Hope you do too!

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