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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

18 more days!

Yes...18 more days till...

*Moving Day...ugh!

I can't get myself motivated to start packing and I know it's gotta be done. GOOD GRIEF...again! One reason why I haven't is because the new home is just around the corner...maybe a mile away (sounds silly doesn't it) and it's not move-in ready YET! Only 2 full weekends left to get some things done before the final weekend of October (which is devoted to just moving). I keep telling myself it'll be fine and it'll get done. IT BETTER!

And then there is Halloween. The girls haven't figured out what they want to be for Halloween. Going to take them to get their costumes on Friday (that's what it's going to say in the advent calendar). Colton has his costume already...he's gonna be a knight. I saw his outfit at the Dollar Store. Can you believe that? I saw that they had a bunch of themed hats and whatnots there and started to load the cart up thinking it would be great to put these in his 'box' that I want to get him for Christmas (no more playing dress up in his sister's dresses LOL). Then he spoted the knight outfit and wanted it. I then asked if he wanted to be a knight and he said yes. So...we'll see if he actually wears a costume or not on the big night.

The advent calendar has been going very well. The kids have been excited each day to see what they are in for. So far some of the things that we/they have done are:

  • make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
  • Halloween pencils
  • Grow their own Halloween toy (a small gel character sitting in water and watch it grow w/in 3 days)
  • Halloween socks
  • Halloween shirt
  • Pop Rocks in pumpkin orange
  • Make a Halloween necklace
  • make chocolate covered peanut butter cookies w/ Halloween sprinkles
  • Halloween pacifier (candy ring)
  • put spider silhouettes up in foyer
  • Halloween hair ties (of course Colton skipped this one)
  • Halloween candy necklace
  • Watch a Halloween movie

There are more to come and there may be some tweeking due to the weekends spent fixing the house. Can't wait to do some crafts with the girls next week. Towards the end of the month I have left room to just give candy because it'll make it easy for me because of the move. SIGH

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