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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweetfield's Farm

This weekend I had the opportunity to take the kiddos to a corn maze and farm. It wasn't too-too far to get there. The kids didn't know what to expect. I couldn't wait to see all the sunflowers and corn and to see what this farm did with it's maze this year.

Sweetfields Farm is where we went to in a little town called Masarkytown.

When we arrived we could see all the sunflowers from the parking area. I had to get a picture of them before they got overheated and sad that they had to leave. As Colton got out of the car of course, he was a little wet in the hind end! UGH! And the only thing I had in the diaper bag was some striped shorts. LOVELY! See the shirt he's wearing...the stripes on the shorts went the other way and they were thinner stripes! But at least the colors of the shorts were still white with brown and red stripes. Haha {gotta make sure that the extra clothes I bring have the WHOLE set or at least matching bottoms!}

I love Colton's smirk!! LOL

Here is my Morgan. I actually like this shot that I took {patting self on back}.

And this is the beginning of the maze. This year they made a cow out of the corn/sunflower field. You get a sheet with 6 multiple choice questions and you have to find station #1 first, answer the question and your answer will either tell you to go 'left, straight, or right' as to where to go in the maze. You can get lost but can easily find your way back out.

There were so many great opportunities while in the maze to get photo ops. I had to stop at this one location because there weren't any other groups in front or behind us. We ended up breezing by them as we answered the stations. Colton didn't want to take a picture though :(

When we were done with the maze there was a mini maze for the kids out of hay stacks. They had fun running around in this one.

Or course there were pumpkins! It was near a fun little tree house for the kiddos to play in. I had to get them on this hay stack w/ pumpkins around but they really didn't want to sit for ANOTHER photo with mom...they wanted to run and play like all the other kids running! As you can see...Colt was sad that he had to sit still! {see those awful shorts...I swear I didn't dress him out of the house in this outfit! LOL}

Before they went to the tree house they had to find the perfect pumpkin (Sydney's idea). She found this one.
And Colt had to out do her ( competition in this family!)

And then off they went running to the tree house. They bypassed the cute piggies that were squealing under the tree house. So I took the photo so they could see what they missed! Aren't they cute?!

The tree house was awesome though...every kids dream! The perfect board swing on one side of it too! So 'Little House on the Prairie'!
There were some other fun things for the kids to do too...hayride, decorated hay stacks, a water thing-a-ma-jig! LOL The kids got to pump water onto a half-pipe that had some rubber duckies on them and they had to race them to the other side. They loved just playing in the water!
Colt is here trying to concentrate!
Caught Morgan looking!

See...they had some ropes all over the place and the kids just made their own game out of it! LOL

Hey, whatever makes them busy and happy!

Then it was time to leave. At the entrance there was this big haystack made into a spider. Really cool!

Can't wait to go again next year. I wonder what the field will be made into? I know that Neal will be with us next year. This year he was stuck working on our house. We will have to make sure to go earlier in the day and to also stop at a farm about a block away so the kids can see what farm life is really like. Maybe get an egg or two and feel a cow's tongue!
I love the fall!


Jana said...

Those are great pictures! I really love the sunflowers. They seemed to have lots of fun stuff for the kids to do. I hope to make it to a corn maze someday!

**** April **** said...

Oh my gosh that place looks like so much fun!!!

Poor little C. Accidents happen man. LOL

Becklee Cottage Designs said...

Just had time to read your blog, your kids are so cute.

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