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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bittersweet upcoming week

Man...what a tiring week!

Monday - weights and zumba
Tuesday - zumba
Wednesday - zumba
Thursday - run and pilates
Friday - zumba that kicked my butt, good zumba!
Saturday - worked on the house (renovations)

Of course w/in the week there was laundry, cleaning and such...not to mention moving a couple of bookshelves to the new house.

I'm just thinking of how fast this last week at our rental is going to fly by. And the new house isn't even really ready yet to be a little bit liveable. It's gonna just have to be. Ke Cira, Cira! LOL

I'm going to milk every moment I have in this rental when it comes to...

* loading the dishwasher b/c the new home doesn't have one
* having an oven/stove b/c the new home doesn't have one (we removed it b/c we are going to eventually redo the kitchen but move it at the same time).

I will miss those 3 things.

I'm going to miss the luxury of walking the dog out to the front lawn so she can do her business b/c at the new house there is NO grass (previous owners put pebbles on the entire property...YUCK!).

I'm going to miss not having 2 bathrooms in the house (b/c the new home only has 1 working bathroom and the 2nd one is being renovated).

WHY?!! LOL...gotta think of the big picture's gonna look really nice and it'll be ours!'s on the water!

Just gonna take some time, peace and elbow grease! ;)

1 comment:

**** April **** said...

YOU, my friend, are one amazing freakin' woman because there is no way in HELL I'd ever do this! EVER! No stove? ... not on your life

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