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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bad Day/Good Day...Good house?

Well yesterday was a waste! I didn't get to sleep in, frankly, didn't really get much sleep at all (gotta love 2 year olds!) I felt like crap ALL DAY LONG! My stomach felt queasy all day, my back was hurting (didn't know if was my kidneys or if I slept wrong on the couch w/ Colton all night long) and my head hurt off and on. I didn't have much of an appetite all day. Kept drinking hot tea to soothe my throat. Neal took the kids with him to return something at the mall and well, I thought they'd be gone for 'maybe' an hour. Four hours later they came in the door, red faced, sweaty and smelling like the sun. He took them to a park where they ate lunch and had fun. I was thankful for that b/c I was able to catch up on some of my DVR'd shows and just rest. I still felt like crap! I just felt horrible that it was all wasted yesterday! We ended up watching movies all day long once they got home. I guess Nick Cage was the special on TBS, good movies, especially for the kids to watch (i.e. National Treasure 1 & 2). Neal ended up at 'the house' later on yesterday too to see what all they've completed with the inspections and such...he found some things that are just questionable and well...not sounding hopeful anymore. :( BOOOO

This morning he is meeting w/ an ex-contractor friend at the house (he's there now) and well...I'm just waiting to hear the bad news. I really hope that there isn't more. I really like this house and can see us and the kids growing old there. Just the potential that this house has. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm feeling a little better today. Still don't have much of a voice, but it's coming back slowly. Still have coughing attacks here and there, but I did rest last night thankfully. Actually ate breakfast without feeling queasy. I'm hopeful for today. I's the beginning of the week. I've got plenty of chores ahead of me, swim practices to go to, go to the gym to make up for skipping out last week and some crafts coming up.

OH....April 26th (not only is my Mom's bday) is the start of our NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK WEEK over at The Mosy Scrapper. It will end on NSD Day which is May 1st. There will be challenges listed for you to do along with RAKS for each of them!!! Woohoo! So go check it out!

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