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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Monday!

What do you do when there is a power outage?

Well, dinner was just about done (meatloaf) when the power went out. Luckily it was done so we all ate dinner by the fire...a little candle in the center of our dining table! LOL

The rain was soooo bad that it was coming from all directions...I even think rain came from the ground up! So windy, very scary and dead palm tree leaves flying all over the place. I was like a kid wanting to see it all...going up to the window and watching! Lightening was everywhere too. From the couch I saw a very bright blue light outside in the distant. I got up and looked out our back slider and then the light happened again. It was a transformer. WOW! That was so cool and scary at the same time. Such a pretty blue I've never seen before. Then it struck me (no not the lightening...a thought). That's a ton of freakin' volts!!! OUCH! Then I's gonna be a long night with no power!

We couldn't open any windows b/c the rain would get it started to get warm inside and the kids were getting stir crazy. Good thing they already had their baths b/c it was getting close to bed time. No night lights music quietly playing in their rooms...not a good picture! Poor Colton was scared from the thunder and the lightening so I just walked with him in my arms till he feel asleep. The girls made a fort in the bedroom when they were supposed to be going to bed. LOL

I ended up laying down in my bed while Neal played on his Blackberry (darn him! LOL). I ended up falling asleep and getting woke up at 9:38pm w/ Neal said "power is on". I'm like, "okay, going to bed." So I did...set my clock/alarm and went to bed. Thought I was going to get rid of this sickness but instead I was up almost every 2 hours w/ my head POUNDING! Gotta love migraines! BOOOOO!!!

So this morning, Colt wakes me up at 6am, too early for the dog even! She didn't want to go outside, partially b/c she's so prissy and doesn't like to walk on wet ground! Colt and I are watching FINDING NEMO for like the 20th time and it just amazes me how much he remembers certain parts to the film and today he found something new and funny about it...the jelly fish and "Mr. Squishy". LOL You have to see the film to know what I mean!

Well, today is the beginning to a new week (and it's also my MOM'S BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM). Going to get back on the regular scheduled program and hack this cold all together this week...that's my goal!

Happy Monday!

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**** April **** said...

We made the mistake of telling Drew that the "red cells" on the weather satellites meant bad weather so if we look at the radar and he sees red, he will NOT sleep. He starts to freak out. However, I was able to show him that red just meant HEAVY rain, not tornadoes (we live in tornado alley, remember?) because when we took Josh to practice a couple of weeks ago (literally the Tuesday before I went into labor) and we had a freak storm move through, I pulled the radar up on MY Blackberry and voila... RED EVERYWHERE where we were. Drew was saying he was scared but I was, at least, able to get him to understand that it was just HEAVY HEAVY rain.

At least you guys didn't get any tornadoes! :( Have you seen the devestation of that system in MS?

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