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Friday, April 16, 2010

Should have played the lotto yesterday!

Yesterday was a good day. Started out good, went grocery shopping, was productive at home, sold an item in my Etsy store, went to the gym with the kids. Came home had a nice dinner. Hubby came home and got some good news three times over!

It has nothing to do with his job, just the housing market. OY VEY! I can't say much b/c I feel like I'll jinx us either way...just keep your fingers crossed for me! I know that one of our options will work, just not sure which one to take. For now, not going to dwell on it. Things happen for a reason I say (or at least that's what my dad always says...and I think he's on to something there).

So today, it's nothing but positive thoughts. Gotta make a run to the bread store, the post office, check up on my jewelry at the hair salon and run to the famous Wally World. I've got to get a swim cap and goggles for my little swimmer Morgan.

On the way to the gym yesterday I decided to make an appearance at the city pool and see this couch that NEVER returned my call TWICE and see what that was all about. I did confront him and he was honest about why he didn't call. But he is going to give her a try next week despite her age. If she can hang with the rest of the swimmers then well discuss cost and meets. I'm nervous for her. She's excited and ready to show them what's she's got. I just hope that she doesn't get discouraged if she doesn't make the team. It's (or I should say couch) is very demanding. But it's really for the older kids and high school age. But if my little girl can hang, then that's awesome. I'm still proud of her anyway!

So, practice next week 3 times for an hour each. Normally the kids practice M-Sat for 2 hours each day. YES, I said 6 days at 2 hours each...that's a total of 12 hours of practice. BUT b/c of Morgan's age he said 3 days for an hour each. PHEW! They will also do running and weights for part of their training. She can't wait. I think I'll just be tired watching her do that and getting a tan in the process! LOL

So glad that the weekend is here too! I hope that we get to take the boat out this weekend. So ready and looking forward to it!

1 comment:

Joyce said...

I'm sending positive thoughts and wishes your way!!!!!

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