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Friday, April 30, 2010

Jinxed or Coincidence?

I'm skipping this week's Friday Fill-ins. I looked at it and thought...nah, not today. Not feeling it.

What I am feeling is that I am going to keep my mouth shut from now on about things b/c it seems that when I do I end up jinxing myself (or us) and then some things that I get excited about just don't happen.

So...zipping my mouth until it's time to say anything to anyone. Maybe then things will work out! Gotta laugh about it though...I saw a pattern before my last 'reveal' and said that I was going to end up jinxing myself. Well, whether or not it's true or just coincidence, I'm keeping my trap shut!! LOL is going to be a normal day. Woke up at 545am (thanks Colton) and saw Neal off to work. Layed on the couch a little and tried to keep little man from making so much noise (HA) and then put FINDING NEMO in for like the 100th time this month! Grrrr! Thought I should take a nap later today but then realized that I have a list of things to do today and I know me...I'll get a 2nd AND 3rd wind. Gotta do bills later, go to the gym and take Morgan to swim practice. I can't wait till 6 when swim is over and we head home for dinner and a movie. We are going to watch...


Will let you know how the movie turns out.

Well, that's going to be my day and remember...keep your thoughts to yourself until they are ready to be told!


**** April **** said...

Well, then shoot me an e-mail and tell me what's going on! :) LOL. I was all expecting your Friday Fill In so that I could get an update! ROFL

And... I LOVE NEMO!!! Even after 100 times! :)

lori said...

i hope that movie night was wonderful for the kids and you...

have a wonderful weekend. i was looking through some older posts and i love the photo of the dress form with your handmade jewelry on it. and that view of your backyard... to die for!!!

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