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Monday, June 7, 2010

I've got the case of the Monday's

So today, I thought, was going to be a good day. I guess in retrospect it is b/c it's not over.

I was getting the kids ready for school this morning. Got out snacks to pack into the diaper bag b/c I was going to make some stops after I dropped the girls off at school. WAIT...where's my diaper bag? Looked in the normal spot, not there. Looked on the kitchen counter...not there. Hmmm?? Okay, everyone stop what you are doing...let's find this. Wallet and phone in the, where is my diaper bag???

Can't find it. UGH! Let's go look in the truck....

nope not there. ???

Let's give my cell phone a ring and maybe we'll find it that way.


no sound? hmm...where is my phone?!!!

So I called Neal thinking it just might be in his car b/c we did go out yesterday afternoon looking at houses. But I didn't think it was in there. I could have sworn I left the bag at home! bag was in the back seat! PHEW!

So the kids get ready for school and I figured we'd stop by the store before taking them to school. He didn't specifically say which store he was at, he just said local. Local could be 5 minutes away or 10 minutes away...not sure the store and I forgot to ask! DUH! So, I went to the closest one. NOPE...not there.

Well, I did notice that when we loaded up in the truck my back right tire was getting low so it was time to add some air to it. Figured I'd stop at the gas station too on the way to take the girls to school. So we did THAT after seeing Neal wasn't at store #1.

Well, gas station air machine was BROKEN! UGH!

Okay...take the kids to school.

Then I go a different way to Neal's #2 store. Pass a 7-eleven and realize that they had a air/vac machine. I did one of those last minute head turns and noticing the machine and a quick 'do I or don't I turn around' question in my head. Well...I decided to turn around. Did a 'u-ey' in the middle of the road (b/c I could) and when I put the car in reverse the most God Aweful sound came out of the car. It was a cross between nails going down a chalkboard and swim fins slapping the water top! WHAT THE HELL?

So I put it in drive and the sound was still there but more clacking! My truck possessed. So I park it and turn it off. Luckily I wasn't in traffic just down a street and blocking any traffic that were to come my way. OH WAIT... I see a school bus and the driver is probably saying some things he shouldn't w/ kiddos on the bus....but that didn't stop him! haha Okay you want me to just 'beam' the truck up. Yes, I have a tiny pony tail, but that doesn't give me the title of Genie! GO AROUND ME! hahaha

So I try starting the car again...sounds good. Put it in reverse and what do you know....that sound again! UGH! So I reach for my phone to call Neal...WAIT...DON'T HAVE ONE!

I get out of the car and some nice gentleman in a clean black truck says, do you need me to help push the truck out of the way? You aren't going anywhere. See that under the's your drive shaft! OY VEY!

Then another man comes walking over from across the busy street by now and says do you need a phone? I'll go get my granddaughter, that's our house over there. He comes back with her and her phone and I call Neal. No answer. So I just said I'd walk over to that 7-eleven that's about 100 yards away and call. But first...let's push the truck.

My truck is big, but it's REALLY big b/c it's lifted! But we moved it and I put flashers on and that old man stayed with the truck and directed traffic till Neal got there. He didn't feel comfortable leaving me and Colton standing there alone until Neal got there. He was a sweetheart.

Anywho...get the stroller (thank goodness I put that back in the truck earlier Sunday) and walked over to the gas station. Started to call Neal and realized that our cell phone #'s have a different area code and it would require me more change. All I had was 75 cents. So after I dialed I hung up in realization and did the change come back out?

NOPE! I kept hitting the release button and NADA.


Bwahahaha so funny thinking about it now!

So I walk back over and the old man asked if Neal was coming and I told him what happened. He ran back across the street to get his granddaughter's cell phone. I finally got a hold of Neal. So, Neal to the rescue.

Long story short...AAA was called, tow truck came and took the truck and we are waiting to hear word on the damaging news! haha We need some new tires next! HA-HA-HA I think we'll be getting rid of this nickel and dime truck before it gets us!

On a better note...we did take a look at 10 houses this weekend (with 3 kids in tote...not recommended for future house seekers). We narrowed it down to a house. It's a small house. I won't say much but it'll be a shock to our family/friends. We see potential in the house. It's an 'open canvas' if you needs TONS of updates and additions, but it has a yard, in our neighborhood (right around the corner really), on a canal and a LOT less than the short sale contract we started almost 3 months ago! We'll see what happens. We did put an offer on it and all they can say is no or counter-offer. It could go on and on, and then again it might not. The worst is that they can say no thanks. With today the way it is going, I could use some good news!

I'm actually drained from just the short time of bad luck that came my way this morning! But, as I told the older could be could have been pouring on us while we were standing there. Things are always worse than what is going on at that moment where you stand. You may be in a bad situation, but it could be worse.

1 comment:

**** April **** said...

OH my GOSH you win the award for the suckiest morning on record! Dude... Your drive shaft just snapped... dang! That'll be a pretty penny. Tell me it's under warranty!

I certainly hope your day gets MUCH better.

I'd want a do over.

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