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Thursday, June 17, 2010

See...I forgot

I forgot to post something yesterday. Oh boy, this posting every day during the summer is going to be tough!

We didn't do anything really...nothing to busy. Well...the main thing we did yesterday was


I haven't shopped with the 3 kiddos in a while and there is a reason for it. All those with kids knows what it's like. I decided to do something a while back to make grocery shopping a better experience with the 3 kids. I didn't want my 2 daughters fighting over who was gonna sit in the racecar cart with their brother or hearing someone complain of walking thru the grocery store while the other one sits. Sooo...

Colton is the little one, he sits in the racecar cart BY HIMSELF and the 2 girls need to put their BIG GIRL PANTIES ON and DEAL! LOL

I had bought some small flashcards last year and haven't used them yet. So what I did one day was gather all the grocery ads and coupon ads that I could find that were from old newspapers sitting in the garage. I gave them to my 2 oldest and told them to cut out the grocery items you know that mommy gets or what they see in the pantry and fridge. They were pretty creative and at times they told me that I could get certain things, as if I was getting permission to buy them! Then once I looked over them I gave them each a stack of flashcards and a glue stick and they glued them. I took the glued flashcards and laminated them, cut them out and then wrote on the backs of them what they were (more for my 5 year old since she is reading now). Then we take these cards to the grocery store, they each get a stack (girls only) and as I call out the items I need to get they go thru their stack (everyone is to get a different stack each time) they hand them to me. At the end of the trip they are to count the number of cards they have and the one with the least amount of cards wins!

What do they win?

A no-fuss, no-whine, happy grocery experience with mom! LOL

They did ask me that, "what do we win?" I simple told them that they don't 'win' a treat, they 'win' a FREE PASS to not getting in trouble when they got home. I'm so mean! heehee I did buy a pack of gum and gave them each a piece. I don't buy much gum and it's pretty scarce in our house. Well, if you see a post I did a month ago or so about Colton getting into the Easter buckets you'll now know why!

But that was the main thing we did yesterday. I did the bills, the girls did crafts (i.e. make Father's Day cards and painted) while Colton napped. Then we went to the gym. The kids love it there and I love it on Wednesday's...ZUMBA! It's definately challenging but I don't mind sweating when I'm having fun and learning dance moves. I may look like an idiot doing it but it's a room full of them! heehee

I was going to take Colton to the doctors today but I'm not sure if I should waste the trip and money. He woke up Monday with a rash on his face. It looked like little pimples and now they are on his back and his belly. Not that bad, just spread out. I tried racking my brain as to what it could be. Is it his diet? Did I change detergents? Contact dermatitis? Could it be a heat rash? I've been monitoring it and last night it dawned on me...I DID use a different soap on him Sunday evening so that would explain it! He's been eating the same foods as before so it's not his diet. I haven't changed detergents so that not it either. So I went back to his normal boring AVEENO body wash last night and this morning the bumps have gone down, they are still there, just not raised as much. I also lathered him with CETAPHIL lotion.

So, I will try it again today and see what happens. I feel a little better about it now. I'll save that appointment spot for some mom that REALLY needs it!

So what are we doing today?

MOUNDS of laundry and I don't'll have to wait for that post! ;)


Jennifer said...

I swear, laundry is ALWAYS piled up at my house. Where does it all come from? I always joke that I need to put my laundry on birth control because it seems to multiply in the hamper!!! Oh, you are one brave soul taking 3 young kids to the grocery store. I don't even like to take my 10 and 13 yr olds!!!

**** April **** said...

You're crazy to post every day. What you do is do several posts and POST date them! lol then no one is the wiser!

Love the grocery store idea...BUT I'd never be able to do it! LOL

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