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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week with FIVE - Day 3

Where did we go on day 3?

Well...I filled up the cooler once again. I put loads of drinks, PB&J sandwiches, grapes, oranges and chips in the cooler and we headed to the Rec Center that has 4 pools! I invited our babysitter to see if she wanted to hang out with us since she was home alone and she had mentioned that she'd love to go with us one day if we I took the opportunity.

When we got to the rec center someone that works at the front desk came out and stopped us from unloading b/c the power was out. She told us that the pool was closed for now since there was a power outage and the pool pumps weren't working.


Lindsey, our babysitter, suggested we just go home and eat lunch and then call to see if power was back on. I thought that was perfect so we all loaded back up, sad kiddos in the back, and went home. We ate lunch and looked thru my scrapbooks. The kids loved this because they got to see themselves as babies. It brought back many memories of simplicity and less emotional/catty girls! HOLY MOLY girls can be soooo catty! One minute they are bickering and then another they are each other's best's funny!

Anywho...we were only home for another 30 minutes after we ate lunch and I called up at the pool. Power was back on! WOOHOO!

So once again we had happy kiddos in the car and I couldn't wait to get into the pool. It was so hot! All the kids had fun. They tried the big water slide that was at the pool, some dared the diving board and they all had to check out the kiddie pool. Colton wasn't scared of the water at all! He wanted to do the water slide but couldn't and he just didn't understand. He didn't have a problem getting dunked in the water. He wanted more! Crazy boy! I was afraid at first thinking he would be scared of the water and getting it on his face (especially under water) but he kept doing it to himself!! Too bad we don't have a pool b/c he would be learning to swim this year! I'll just have to work with him we go out to the sandbars when we use the boat. Just gotta remember to bring him his goggles.

After the pool we dropped Lindsey off back at her house and then we went home. I had bought some bead kit that the girls could work on. Colton was OUT! So the girls made some bracelets, anklets and necklaces. It was good timing too b/c when they were done Colton woke up! It was time for dinner so in went the pizzas and down they went their bellies! THEY WERE HUNGRY! LOL

Showers were next and I made some chocolate chip cookies! After showers it was MOVIE TIME! My one niece fell asleep during the movie. It was about bed time anyways, so I got their area ready in the bedroom and once the movie was over I brought her in there with the rest of them. The were out by 915! That just tells me that they had a good day and ate well!

Today...we are going to the beach. Right now they are coloring some pictures here at the dining table. Colt is on my lap. They made some forts this morning, gotta get those pictures uploaded and will have to post later. Glad I got those pictures earlier because just a minute ago I was wondering where Colton was because he wasn't making any noise. UH OH!

I called out for him and he made a noise. He was in the living room. Went looking for him and he was standing on what WAS one of the forts and his diaper off! YIKES! I just yelled out...'Fort days are over. Sprinkler system is on!' LOL They got a kick out of it! Gotta love boys! Now I've got to do some laundry!


Impossible Alice said...

Little girls are funny, aren't they - there must be a cattiness switch that gets flicked as soon as they turn 5 or 6. I notice it gets really bad at around 7/8 years old. Even in the nicest kids! Hope you have a great time at the beach!

**** April **** said...

youre like the funnest mom ever!

I had plans this last week but with the heat index being about 103 every day and having ben, it was impossible to go anywhere. we had three playdates instead. we will kick it up a notch now that josh is back. when drew is tired all he wants to do is play w his legos

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