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Sunday, June 13, 2010

WHOOPS! Forgot to blog!

Well...I guess this summer blog thing is like New Year's resolutions b/c I didn't post anything yesterday. Already breaking what I was supposed to do! hahaha

Actually I was going to post something last night but hubby got me off the computer so we could watch a movie. What movie?

It wasn't as scary as I anticipated. I guess b/c I know when a scary moment was going to come about. A bit gruesome at times but it was okay. I love Sir Anthony Hopkins and I guess the lead actor Benicio Del Toro isn't too bad either. Then we thought we could watch another movie after it's already 1230am. We started watching The Book of Eli but we just couldn't stay awake. NOT because of the movie, but because it was LATE! So, that will most likely be tonite.

Anywho...yesterday was filled with loads of laundry again. Not much going on. Just a layed back day. Nothing wrong with that. NOPE...not done with laundry b/c I took breaks in between to watch

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!! The US may have gotten a 'cheesy' goal, but it was a goal! LOL I still hear the sound of bees. Have you watched any footage of World Cup? The arena sounds like a swarm of bees during the game! LOL

Well...the kids managed to go out in the back and play in the sprinklers. Colton didn't take a nap so he enjoyed some fun out in them too. He wasn't sure what to do with all that water flayling all over the place though. Morgan had to show him to just RUN! Got some good pix of them all playing.

Here is Colt trying to figure out what these hoses are:

And big sis trying to help him:

And here's Colton being a BOY! The girls wanted to play 'train' and what does Colton do? He takes a peak at Sydney's behind! LOL Well...I didn't get the snapshot of what happens after this shot, but it basically is Sydney landing on her bottom laughing and Morgan and Colton just cracking up!

At one point during all the fun, a certain someone got in trouble. Time out!

And here's another picture of Colton playing.

And this was our Saturday. Hopefully I can take pictures of something today and remember to blog about it later!

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